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Urban Air Mobility Vertiport Management

Urban Air Mobility (UAM) promises a new dimension to decongested, safe, and fast travel in urban and suburban hubs. These UAM aircraft are conceived to operate from small airports called vertiports each comprising multiple take-off/landing and battery-recharging spots. Since they might be situated in dense urban areas and need to handle many aircraft landings and […]

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Adaptive Genomic Evolution of Neural-Network Topologies (AGENT) Topology and weight evolving artificial neural network (TWEANN) algorithms optimize the structure and weights of artificial neural networks (ANNs) simultaneously. The resulting networks are typically used as policy models for solving control and reinforcement learning (RL) type problems. This paper presents a neuroevolution algorithm that aims to address […]

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Graph Learning Based solution for MRTA

Author: Steve Paul Efficient multi-robot task allocation (MRTA) is fundamental to various time-sensitive applications such as disaster response, warehouse operations, and construction. MRTA involves using a team of robots to perform tasks that are spatially distributed, and present time deadlines and different workloads that may require multiple visits by robots to complete the task. Here, […]

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