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The following courses are offered by Dr. Chowdhury:

Heuristic Optimization for Engineering Design

MAE 552, Spring

Course Summary:
The primary objective of this course is to introduce Science & Engineering students to the theory and use of heuristic optimization algorithms, with major focus on their philosophy, construction, implementation, and applications in engineering design. Broad topics will include: (1) classification of optimization problems (e.g., linear/nonlinear, discrete, and multiobjective); (2) nature-inspired optimization algorithms; (3) other heuristic algorithms; (4) constraint handling in heuristic optimization; (5) surrogate modeling and surrogate-based optimization with heuristic algorithms; and (6) selected applications in systems design. Among algorithms, particular focus will be put on evolutionary algorithms (e.g., genetic algorithms) and swarm intelligence-based algorithms (e.g., particle swarm and ant colony). MATLAB will be used as the primary computational tool to apply optimization in the context of lectures and ensuing exercises in this course.

Course Syllabus

Overview of Heuristic Optimization and their Application Domains

Overview of Heuristic Optimization and their Application Domains